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Hattie Thorn Tarot

Wild Wisdom Animal Oracle by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 50 Watercolor Card Deck.

Wild Wisdom Animal Oracle by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 50 Watercolor Card Deck.

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Enter the enchanting world of the Wild Wisdom Animal Oracle, where the spirits of the natural world become your guiding companions. This beautifully crafted deck offers profound insights and intuitive guidance through the wisdom of animals. Each card is a portal to the wild, where you'll reconnect with your primal instincts, and unlock the hidden messages of the creatures that share our Earth. Whether you seek clarity, inspiration, or a deeper connection to nature, the Wild Wisdom Animal Oracle invites you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

All my decks are 100% ecologically produced using solar-powered energy, and 100% eco-friendly papers and inks. All packaging is recyclable.


♥ 50 full-colour uniquely designed cards

♥ High quality 350gsm card stock

♥ Large Oracle size 80mm x 120mm

♥ No tuck box - come with a pouch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This deck is very powerful in its simplicity, and the images are gorgeous. I connected with this deck immediately. It's a new favourite!


This deck was a gift for my fiance and he absolutely loved it. The details on the cards are amazing


This beautiful deck is a must have for any animal lover in need of insight. The imagery and messages are so beautiful.


The animal oracle cards are so beautiful!
The sleek design, stunning watercolour makes it stand out from any of my other oracle decks!
I especially love the messages are short and rich with wisdom which makes readings deeper and more rewarding ????????