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Hattie Thorn Tarot

Straight Talking Tarot Complete Set by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 400 Cards in 4 Decks

Straight Talking Tarot Complete Set by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 400 Cards in 4 Decks

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Straight Talking Tarot Complete set, designed by Hattie Thorn, is a deck of 400 unique cards with words and phrases to help clarify your Tarot or Oracle decks.

Grab a bargain by buying all 4 packs together!

This set includes all four decks in the series:
Straight Talking Tarot Original Edition
Straight Talking Tarot Love Edition
Straight Talking Tarot Time Edition
Straight Talking Tarot Career Edition

It is a set of four hundred cards.

Sometimes we just need a word or hint to understand the messages that our cards are trying to tell us and this huge pack is designed to do exactly that!

The deck can be used for love, career, a time frame or just general readings.

The straight-talking pack comes in 4 bags with a crystal to cleanse your cards.

All my decks are 100% ecologically produced using solar-powered energy, and 100% eco-friendly papers and inks. All packaging is recyclable.


♥ 400 full-colour uniquely designed cards

♥ High-quality 330gsm black core card stock

♥ Poker size 62mm x 86mm

♥ 4 material pouches for storage

♥ Crystal for cleansing your cards

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Customer Reviews

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Anna Xia
Love the decks

Recently bought 5 decks, all breath taking, I just naturally connect to them.
The artwork is cute, Hattie is cute, price is not so cute but definitely worth it.
The craftwork is great, cards are very smooth to shuffle, to touch, it’s enjoyable to play with cards with this quality.
However, honestly, because of the flawlessness, occasionally I do feel those pictures are bit “AI” style. Coz I care about the genuine bliss the designer invested into the cards when they creat them.
Anyway, look forward to future decks, maybe with different styles.