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Hattie Thorn Tarot

Spiritual Wisdom Oracle by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 45 Card Deck Including Spiritual Wisdom Oracle Tuck Box

Spiritual Wisdom Oracle by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 45 Card Deck Including Spiritual Wisdom Oracle Tuck Box

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Immerse yourself in the profound realm of self-discovery and enlightenment with Spiritual Wisdom Oracle Cards.

The deck uses astrology, chakras, planets, celestial bodies and more to enlighten and inform.

This captivating 45-card deck of mystical cards serves as a timeless guide, drawing upon ancient wisdom and universal truths to offer insightful guidance for your life's journey. Each card is uniquely crafted to reveal profound messages, symbolizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

Whether seeking clarity on relationships, career, or personal growth, these oracle cards provide a channel to tap into higher consciousness and embrace the whispers of your soul.

Let the Spiritual Wisdom Oracle Cards illuminate your path, offering solace, inspiration, and a deeper connection to the spiritual tapestry of existence.

All my decks are 100% ecologically produced using solar-powered energy, and 100% eco-friendly papers and inks. All packaging is recyclable.


♥ 45 full-colour uniquely designed cards

♥ High quality 350gsm card stock

♥ Large Tarot size 89mm x 127mm

♥ Spiritual Wisdom printed tuck box

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
annemarie semeijn
Lovely Carddecks and good energy!

Thank you for the oracle card decks! And the package with all the little details and present where a blast to open! Felt like a real present! Thank you Hattie for all your work! Annemarie Semeijn

Amy S
Great guidance and beautiful cards

The imagery is gorgeous. Cards feel good to shuffle. The messages are deep and will written. Cards came quickly, packaged carefully and with added personal touches that made it special. I'm glad I found this shop and will be purchasing again


Item was lost in the mail for a couple weeks but it eventually got here a month later.
She was willing to refund or replace it if it was lost which I appreciated.
The product itself came with a free gift stone which I thought was kind.
The cards themselves are very nice.


Gorgeous colors, insightful descriptions, chakras, zodiac signs, multiple uses. This oracle deck is a must have for all reading types. Highly recommend.


I?m usually very picky when it comes to tarot and oracle decks! But when I?ve chanced upon these, I was nearly moved to tears, that?s how it resonated with me and I wish more of the people in world read these. Hattie co-created with the universe to create the masterpiece of a divination tools and I?m grateful.