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Hattie Thorn Tarot

The Dark Mirror Shadow Work Cards by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 50 Card Deck including Plain Tuck Box

The Dark Mirror Shadow Work Cards by Hattie Thorn. Original Design 50 Card Deck including Plain Tuck Box

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Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with The Dark Mirror Oracle Deck, a powerful tool designed to guide you through the intricate terrain of your inner world. This mystical deck is crafted to aid in the practice of shadow work, a transformative process that empowers you to embrace and integrate the hidden aspects of your psyche.

This deck combines the hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking surreal artwork with challenging self-help prompts, creating a unique tool for delving into the depths of your psyche.

Dive into the world of "The Dark Mirror Shadow Work Deck" and unveil the hidden aspects of your psyche. With each card drawn, you'll step closer to embracing the light and dark within you, fostering a deeper connection to your true self and living a life of authenticity and purpose.

All my decks are 100% ecologically produced using solar-powered energy, and 100% eco-friendly papers and inks. All packaging is recyclable.


♥ 50 full-colour cute uniquely designed cards

♥ High quality 350gsm card stock

♥ A7 size cards 74mm x 105mm

♥ Plain white tuck box

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany S
The beautiful energy & thoughtfulness of the package contents was surprising & delightful

I gushed about the package to my best friend when I opened it. How everything was thoughtfully packaged. With herbs and cute paper and a little handwritten note. There were a couple mini freebies thrown in too. I also want like 80% of all the Hattie Thorn decks, but I only got 3 decks for now bc my collection of Tarot/Oracle decks is already massive lol.


I wasn?t sure what to expect with these - I intend to use them as a journalling prompt for 2024 - 50 cards at one per week plus an intentions week to begin and a review of 2024 to conclude. The practical aspects - their size makes them easy to shuffle and the cardstock is lovely and thick. The tuck box is genius with an extra section that folds back to give clean access to easily remove the deck. The packaging was secure and postage from the UK to Australia was really quick. Everything to do with Hattie?s presentation of tarot is thoughtful and very well considered. I highly recommend her work.


Fast delivery (before Christmas!) Wonderfully scented with lavender and such a lovely handwritten note. Also, the deck is EXACTLY what I'm looking for in helping people on their healing journey as a reader. Thank you Hattie!!!


Absolutely stunning deck, I was really excited to receive it & then when it arrived, before I even got to the deck itself I had the pleasure of finding lots of little extras packed so beautifully. I love that the experience of opening was as much of a delight as using the deck itself. I have already ordered two more decks & I will return. Would thoroughly recommend.


The cards are really lovely with a nice weight to them. The imagery is very thought provoking and goes well with the statements on the cards.