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Hattie Thorn Tarot

True Blue Romance and Love Oracle by Hattie Thorn 50 Card Deck

True Blue Romance and Love Oracle by Hattie Thorn 50 Card Deck

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Introducing the "True Blue Romance and Love Oracle" by Hattie Thorn – the new blue version of the bestselling Romance and Love Oracle - with all new messages and blue-themed images.
Like Romance and Oracle - the original deck - this set is an enchanting deck designed to illuminate your life's intricate and beautiful tapestry of love. Whether you're seeking guidance in matters of the heart, looking to deepen your connections, or simply wishing to explore the realms of passion and affection, this oracle will guide you on the journey of love.

The 50-card deck is a portal to a world where love's mysteries unfold. With rich symbolism, heartfelt messages, and intuitive insights, this deck offers you the keys to unlocking the secrets of romance, attraction, and deep emotional connections.

All my decks are 100% ecologically produced using solar-powered energy, and 100% eco-friendly papers and inks. All packaging is recyclable.


♥ 50 full-colour uniquely designed cards

♥ High quality 350gsm card stock

♥ Large Oracle size 85mm x 120mm

♥ Plain white tuck box

♥ No booklet - meanings are on the cards

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jane Strange

Came so quickly amd beautifully packaged. Thankyou

Marta Uicz
Perfect companion

I use these beauties in partnership with the Ethereal Romance Tarot and every time I am a amazed, how spot on these messages are! I love the images, the energies they bring up during readings and straight away they resonate with the client's energy. Im not specified for love readings only but with this pair I can elevate my love readings into a completely new level! Thank you Hattie, you are amazing!

True Blue- wonderful deck

Love this deck! I love the clean, romantic aesthetic. They get plenty of use between me and my friends, highly recommend! 🩵💙


I love this deck so much. Its so beautiful, but also very accurate. I love the messages on the cards. Thank you Hattie x